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At the end and beginning of each year there is so much excitement surrounding the year ahead, and what it has to offer. First, let us encourage you to “Be as excited every morning when you wake up, as you are when entering new year.” The date doesn’t change the energy applied to the goal that is at hand. With everyday there is a lesson to learn and goal to achieve! We’ve come up with 5 easy methods to being successful throughout the entire year.

They seem so easy, yet are so challenging, they will blow your mind as you set out to remain consistent. Let’s do this together? Take a look at the sneak peak then download the e-book and tell us how you’re doing!



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Clearly define what your goals are. Then you must believe that you can achieve them. Your atmosphere, the universe, & God moves towards whatever your intentions are (be them positive or negative). Whatever you put out is what you’re going to get back. So, first believe that you can achieve or acquire whatever you’ve set your mind to. If you truly believe it your actions will be consistent with that belief and as will your excitement and energy output.



Say it now! Saying that you can is not as hard as truly believing, but it is your method of testing if you genuinely believe! Again, if you truly believe in your goal, your actions will be consistent with that belief as will your excitement and energy output. Including how you speak. Put it all out into the atmosphere and speak it in PRESENTENCE. This alone will enable you to remain consistent in whatever you’ve set out to accomplish or acquire.



Energy just flows, it just is! And YOU have a choice to have a positive output or a negative output. It is just as easy to put out the positive as it is the negative. Think about a time where you’ve had that friend coming to town or a waiting period for the start of vacation. The excitement and energy of the event taking place gets you past being sleepy, bored, get’s you out of bed, and much more… If that same type of energy is applied to your goals on a daily basis, success is inevitable.



Team KBC is here to help!

We are a challenge driven team that subscribes to the theory that you can achieve anything that you believe. We love to build and manage meaningful organizations. We operate with clearly defined goals, passion, faith, and we strive to help others in the process. Dive in now to learn where you fit in the grand scheme of things!

How can we help you?

We specialize in Real Estate, Mentoring, Life Coaching, & Public Speaking along with Community Building. With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate, Team KBC is authentically zealous in helping individuals find their dream home ensuring each person he touches realizes that possibility for their family no matter the circumstance! What’s important in any path to success is knowledge, accountability, and execution. Use not only your energy but the energy of your mentor or coach to arrive at the goal more expediently and efficiently. Mentoring & Life Coaching at Brinton Enterprises is set up to help you reach your goal faster. Brinton Enterprises also executes in many efforts to build the community and help others. We do this through all of our services. Contact us today and let’s get acquainted.


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