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In the largest purchase or decision, you’ll make in your life experience, knowledge and authenticity are the most important. Contact Mr. Cook and his team today! Secure your process with a professional team lead by Mr. Cook with award-winning customer service along with specialty in Executive Homes, Senior Homes, Entry Level Homes, Condos, and Townhomes to buyers, sellers, and investors.



With over 20 years of experience in Las Vegas Real Estate, Mr. Cook still finds that he is authentically zealous in helping individuals find their dream home ensuring each person he touches realizes that possibility for their family no matter the circumstance! Brinton Cook proves through experience to have a genuine approach and strategic abilities. He holds impressive stats previously as the top sales agent for fortunate 200 companies, earning awards for most homes sold in a day at 300 plus, selling over 4 thousand homes in his real estate career and much more.

Brinton is not only adroit as a Buyers Agent and Sellers Agent but additionally in renovations, mortgage, the training of top real estate professionals, and more. His experience also includes orchestrating, designing, and selling several master-planned communities.



Here at Team KBC it is important that we take each and every client through a process. One that helps inform them of what in store for the entire journey. We follow a strict checklist, additionally the lines of communication remain open to ensure that we are one the same page with you. If you’re buying, we take into consideration that you are looking for key features in a home and neighborhood that may event change at some point during the process. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor – we also understand that you look to us for for guidance and assistance and for that reason we are here to help you whenever and however you need.



While Real Estate is a great business and a career choice for some. Our purpose and passion within this industry is slightly different than your average agent or broker… For us it’s about the community, it’s about families, it’s about helping people that don’t believe they deserve the American dream. Our expertise is for everyone, including those individuals and families that need assistance realizing there is a way to actually achieve the american dream; then we hold their hand through the process.

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