What we offer

Public Speaking

For audience engagement and thought provoking content, K. Brinton Cook is who you need. Our first step is connecting with your vision, then your audience. Let’s get it done, contact us today!

Real Estate

With over 20 years of experience in Las Vegas Real Estate, Mr. Cook still finds that he is authentically zealous in helping individuals find their dream home ensuring each person he touches realizes that possibility for their family no matter the circumstance!

Mentoring & Life Coaching

What’s most important in any path to success? It is knowledge, accountability, and execution. Use not only your energy but the energy of your mentor or coach to arrive at the goal more expediently and efficiently.

Community Building

Brinton Enterprises executes in many efforts to build the community. We do this through all of our services but additionally through supporting individuals (including youth) in Emotional Support, Communication Skills, Positive Behaviors, Critical Thinking, Self Confidence, Passion, & Successful Life Habits.